Some ideas on using our products;


Birchers Option: - Soak in water overnight for a softer, creamier, "birchers" option.

Active and Busy:

1. Mix 500g Active and Busy with 250g smooth full fat cottage cheese.
2. Spread 2cm thick on a baking pan.
3. Bake for 30-40 minutes.
4. Cut into squares and enjoy as a flourless biscuit or rusk.

Carb Concious with Cacao:

1. Mix with plain yoghurt and add a little honey for a gluten - and guilt - free desert.
2. Sprinkle on top of beef and venison roasts for extra taste and texture. Cacao brings out the flavour of these two proteins.

Carb Concious with Turmeric and Cinnamon:

Sprinkle on salads or beef and vevison roasts for extra taste and texture.
Turmeric and Cinnamon enhances the flavour of beef and game.